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Dorm Challange #1 and Orientation.

Welcome Gryffindors. I'm the Gryffindor Prefect! *waves*

Now, I we're doing a dorm thing, where everyone gets "sorted" into a dorm when they Join. ;) So no more filling out applications unless you want to fill out a welcome app...but that's basicly a survey.

Please keep your entrys "Friends only" So we can have only Gryffindors. ;)

Now, the Dorm names will be decided and people will be sorted into them randomly.
We'll have dorm challenges and every two months we will start over. The winning dorm will get "something"...or at least recognistion.

Our first Dorm challange will last for a while and will be a voting thing. I won't have any dissision about it.

Your first challange wether you choose to accept it, is design the layout. This one is just a temporary one. The layout must be able to be used with a free account and must have a main section, a picture on the top and a bar where I can put stuff like, Prefects, Dorms with their usernames. Kind of like the main layout. Also, you'll have to tell me exactly how to install it. -_-* Credit of course will be given. XD

Points awarded to winner= 30.

Icons and Banners will be award at one point per icon and 2 points for banner. The next challange will involve a banner so save most of 'em. ;)

Good luck.
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Hello there! This is your friendly Puff Prefect just stopping by to introduce myself. I hope to see you around the community sometime. If you ever want to do an inter-house contest of any sort, please let me know. Contact me anytime!

Hufflepuff Prefect
Ok, glad to meet ya!! *hands cookies*
Muwah. *waves frantically* HI!!!

Hee, I still think your layout is pretty...We should do fun things, like fry house elves-er, I mean, um...have contests and stuff.



Or if you really want to fry house elves, I'm up for that too.


~Jondy~Slytherin Prefect~
*waves* 'Ello!

Do I hear inter-house contests?! flying on coke bottles to chase after the coke cap? (Modified Quidditch...^__*)

Kristen//Ravenclaw Prefect
XD OOO Coke Caps That works for me!
Hallos! I don't mean to be naggy and annoying, but you might want to put an html tag on the info page. The html shows up as code right now, and I think the tag'll fix that. ^_^